Yoga Retreat Photo Gallery

We love co-creating yoga retreats and bringing together a happy gathering of people to enjoy the benefits of yoga in beautiful destinations around the world.

Vistas and vibes on some of our past yoga retreats … (and see our latest retreat here)

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Lake-Atitlan-yoga-retreatIn the highlands of Guatemala, Lake Atitlán is the perfect place for a yoga retreat. In this peaceful haven, we take delight in immersing ourselves in nature, against a backdrop of fascinating Mayan culture. Lake Atitlán is celebrated worldwide for its peace and beauty, with views of the volcanoes across the ever-changing colors of the lake…   (More here …)    [4 retreats since May 2015]

Costa Rica – Pura Vida!

Costa-Rica-Yoga-RetreatDiscover the diverse beauty of Costa Rica, in a lush valley overlooking Lake Arenal. A breathtaking feast for the eyes and the soul, where you can immerse yourself in nature. The magnificent Arenal volcano which greets you at sunrise each day provides the perfect backdrop for our retreat..   (More here …)    [May 2016]  Also see “Muy Bien—My Top Ten (Costa Rica)

South Africa – Stretch and Safari Adventure

October 13 – 23, 2017 (max 12 people, 3 beds left – book here, now!

south-africa-yoga-retreatyoga-retreat-south-africa-giraffeFall in Love with Africa.

Roar. Stretch. Breathe.

Journey into the senses…



•     Cape Town     •     Winelands     •     Safari     •  Click here for more info 

Yoga Retreat Testimonials

“The yoga was great! Two super instructors who were very connected with their students.” — Mattie S.

“Loved the daily program, loved the extras. Loved the place and its charm, loved the nurturing, extra attention to all details. Frankly, it was simply perfect and will be a lifetime memory!” — Denise F.

“LOVED it. Yes there was a wonderful mood set. Thank you and Karen, for that. Yes the lake and volcano helped to set the mood. But you helped provide an awesome experience.” — Sue B.

“Lake Atitlán is such a magical place and the entire yoga retreat you put together was an unforgettable experience for me. Look forward to seeing you again soon.” — Amanda G.

“It was simply heavenly!!!!  Cannot wait for the next one!!!   Such joy!!!” — Denise.

“You guys did a wonderful job – very organized and just what the doctor ordered. Mucho gracias!” — Kristine DH

“Great food,  authentic atmosphere.  I felt better in my yoga practice and felt  HAPPY.” — Jestena B.

“Thank you both so much for creating a new world for all of us…and most especially, moi!!! It was simply awesome to be with such amazing souls. I’m still soaring!” —Denise F.

“Thanks a million, best time ever. Looking forward to our new adventure. But first, let me savor this one. Namasté.” — Céline C.

“Thank you for your sweetness and kind attention. Looking forward to seeing you at yoga some time soon. Thanks again for all the laughs. The best medicine.” — Stacy B.

“I am still processing Costa Rica’s profound impact on me, spiritually. I feel like I have new eyes and new ears. My awareness has reinforced one of my favorite phrases: As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.” — Kim L.

“Thank you so much for a beautiful, fulfilling, and highly packed emotional (and funny) yoga retreat. I LOVED Costa Rica.” — Patty L.

“I rave about my yoga retreat, as it did me such a world of relaxation and a different way to approach everyday life, especially with my stressful job. I practice my breathing in situations, and I even coach some of my fellow workers and their stress now.  Take care, and thx you and Karen for opening this world up to me  🙂 ” — Deb L.

Thanks for reading. Comments and Shares appreciated!

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