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Marry Us!



The joy and the honor of being a wedding officiant!

I am not a priest nor a minister—what I offer is a legally-binding wedding ceremony at your home, on the beach, or wherever else you wish to seal your union.

  • In the state of Florida
  • Outside of Florida if you can provide your own notary for the legal paperwork
  • Supporting all couples and all religious denominations or spiritual paths
  • Non-traditional ceremony, or a blend of tradition and unusual — your choice
  • Meaningful rituals such as handfasting, unity candles, water blending

A wedding ceremony snippet (press Play > for more): 

Three Services:

  • Marry Us, Please — A 10-minute ceremony — Short and Sweet — $200:

All you need is the legal exchange of wedding vows and rings, perhaps just the two of you, or maybe a handful of family and friends. You could easily go to the courthouse for a relatively low fee, but you’d prefer to have your ceremony elsewhere, such as in a restaurant, on the beach, or in a private home. I don’t need to meet you or rehearse beforehand, as we can briefly cover your needs in a phone call.

  • I Do — A 20-minute ceremony — You Create It — $300:

You’ve already created the flow and content for your wedding program and you’d like me to review it with you, provide advice, and conduct the ceremony. We’ll meet once by phone, or in person if it’s practical, and I’d provide suggested edits for your script if needed. I also offer you samples of vows and oaths which may help you finalize your program. Although I don’t attend your rehearsal, we chat by phone just before your wedding, to review any final changes.

  • The Full Monty — A 20-45 minute ceremony — $600:

You’d like something really special, around 20-45 minutes, to include all those personal trimmings that make it unique. Together, we’ll co-create this expression of your love. We’ll have a “getting to know you” meeting in person to go through the many questions I’ll have, so that I can create the flow and ambience that’s just right for you. This includes the role of family members and/or friends, special rituals or symbolic traditions you may want, and your choice of blessings and vows.

I’ll write a customized Order of Ceremony and wedding “script” for you, which you edit as needed and return to me two weeks before your wedding. I recommend a rehearsal, which I’d attend, to go through everything with you. The full preparation usually takes me ten hours or more and the result is a meaningful and heartfelt wedding ceremony.

Contact Julie for more info on creating a ceremony to cherish forever.

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