Julie is a certified meditation and yoga teacher from South Africa, where she first discovered yoga. In a former life, she was a high-powered business exec in the demanding high-tech industry in the US and Europe, and she welcomed mindfulness and yoga as a blueprint for how to live a healthier, happier life. She learnt how she could integrate the calm of yoga with the pressures of work; merging The Peaceful Yogini with The Fired-up Business Warrior.

Thousands of Oms later, Julie teaches mindfulness, meditation, and yoga to individuals, groups and organizations in the US, and leads yoga retreats to exquisite destinations.


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CALM — relieve stress and connect with a sense of inner peace

PURPOSE — bring more meaning and certainty into your life

FLOAT and RELAX — guided meditation to add to the bliss of a floatation tank


Julie is best known for her soothing voice in Yoga Nidra guided meditation—it is truly her calling. Thousands around the world benefit from her recordings on the global meditation app, Insight Timer. You’ll also find her as Julie Yogaressa on Spotify, Amazon, YouTubeApple Music, iTunes, Google Play, and CDBaby.

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costa-rica-labyrinth-yogaressaJulie has completed several meditation and yoga teacher certifications in the US and India, including a 200-hour Yoga Nidra Meditation training. More about Julie’s yoga teaching credentials, here.

She is constantly inspired by the positive impact yoga has on people’s lives — she loves the motto, “If it doesn’t change your life, it’s not Yoga”.  And when she’s not immersed in meditation, yoga and photography, you may find her sipping fermented grape juice, eating chocolate, and watching Dancing With The Stars (true confession).


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  1. Hi Julie! We met last night at your oh-so-inspiring Yoga in India class! It was a delight to meet you. You radiate so much joy and beauty! I couldn’t wait to read your blog and was delighted to see your pictures and read your stories. I cried when I read about your encounter with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. What an incredible experience! He’s so wonderful, I’ve often daydreamed about hugging him and just being in his presence..somehow! I also found it interesting that you visited Tushita, the Buddhist meditation center. I don’t know if you recall last night that I told the class I was thinking of/planning on going to India. Well, I’m planning to go to Tushita for a 10 day meditation retreat when I graduate from grad school. Interesting how law of attraction works..I’ve been thinking so much about India and then I stumble upon your class!

    Anyways, you said last night that you wanted feedback about your blog and encouragement to keep writing. My point in writing this email is to tell you: your blog is beautifully written, funny, and clever! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely experience, Julie! I hope to see you for part 2!

    Namaste 🙂

    Krystal Zielinski

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    1. Krystal, thank you for such a heartwarming response. It was a treat to meet you and have your energy and smiles in our Yoga in India class. I LOVE it if my recount of the incredible experience with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama brought you to tears. (Yes, I love to “make” you cry)! That means I’ve managed to convey some of the joy and awe I felt on meeting him. And if, through writing, I can evoke laughter, tears, inspiration or contemplation, then I am happy and it encourages me to continue writing. Thank you for feeding that aspiration.

      Vipasana at Tushita will be an extraordinary experience for you. Do it. And when you’re planning your visit, I’m happy to chat about the where/what/how of travel plans and what else there is to experience in the area.

      Look forward to seeing you at the next “Yoga in India” session 🙂


  2. Hi Bob, so sorry about your sciatica, that can be extremely painful and frustrating. I have a ton of info at home on yoga/sciatica (I’m out of the country at the moment), in the meantime I found this useful article for you – some easy stretches we often do in our classes. http://www.paddingtonclinic.com.au/sciatica-then-avoid-these-3-exercises-like-the-plague/

    A note for pose #4 – do this one with the raised leg bent rather than straight.

    The “very slowly” part of your message is really important – take your time to ease back into things … this is a good time to practice patience 😉

    Finally, you were really missed on our yoga retreat to Guatemala! Our next trip is Oct 21-25 so please join us on the next one 🙂 http://www.yogaressa.com/yoga-retreats

    Speedy recovery and Namaste,


    1. Julia, thanks for the link and advice. Yes I will take it slow although we are taking an Alaska cruise @ months end. Enjoy your summer, your next retreat however is literally the week I return. Possibly in the spring.

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