Made in India: Happy Landings

My tastebuds  yelled YES! to the menu descriptions of Indian yumminess on the London to Delhi flight: aloo chat, jeera pulao, murgh navratan. But I opted for trout timbale, lamb with veggies, and Twix chocolates as a last English binge before India.

Flight tracking

About halfway through the flight and it’s finally sinking in. I am going to India. Our live flight tracking screen shows place names that make Triang Mukha Eka Pada Paschimottanasana fall off the tongue with ease by comparison.

I arrived at around 3 in the morning; weather hot and steamy and airport bustling with incoming and departing flights.


Yoga mudras greet me at Delhi airport


Excitement and smiles when I see the welcoming mudra wall art at passport control.

Everything goes really smoothly as the taxi is waiting to take me to the Lemon Tree hotel for a few hours rest before the flight tomorrow.

And I can hardly contain myself when the security guys at the hotel press their palms together in a Namaste welcome.

yoga matThe theme continues as I spot the room is equipped with a yoga mat, so I make a promise to get up early enough to do my Tibetan Rites on it in the morning.

Night, night.


About Yogaressa

My yoga practice has brought me more awareness of how I live my life, kept me sane during insane times, and provided endless opportunities for discovery, gratitude and joy. I see yoga as a way for anyone to reach their full potential and I'm inspired and humbled by the positive impact of my Yoga Nidra work.
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